Freedom High School is our online high school that offers Ontario Secondary School Courses (Canada). Students have the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere and earn credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).




English For Success is designed for high school and university students and adults to improve their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. With over 1200 hours of content, the Speak To Me tool, and The Studio mobile app, EFS will enable you to go from a beginner to an upper intermediate level.

  • Customizable to your schedule and curriculum
  • Correlates to the standards of the Common European Framework (CEFR)
  • Rich collection of multimedia on authentic topics
  • Dynamic, engaging activities and exercises
  • Continuous assessment
  • Advanced writing activities
  • Speech recognition labs, pronunciation mobile app




The Business English program allows you to improve your English while you follow our cast of characters through the ups and downs of a business deal. You will Explore authentic, real-life workplace situations and complete a wide range of engaging speaking and listening activities. You will also practice proper intonation in spoken business communication, and business writing strategies useful in the workplace.

  • Authentic, real-life workplace situations

  • Engaging narrative in the workplace

  • Correlates to the standards of the Common European Framework (CEFR)

  • Continuous assessment




Master is an online academic English course that brings the learner to Level C2 of the Common European Framework. The course focuses on academic reading, listening, writing, and speaking, and prepares learners to deal with English on an academic level. It was developed specifically for undergraduate and university students, and advanced English students.

  • contains topics of interest to learners entering or studying in an academic environment, including: nanotechnology, psychology, astronomy, life science and robotics, business and law, telecommunications, electronics, genetic engineering, literature, and information technology.
  • contains interactive online lessons, activities, and community features for independent, self-paced work.
  • contains a worksheet accompanying each of the online reading lessons, with pre, while, and post-viewing activities.
  • reflects the types of activities used on TOEFL, TOEIC, and CET exams.
  • provides over 100 learning hours of online lessons




English Academy is our online English language training platform for children between 6-12 years old. Students become immersed in language learning through the exciting adventures and activities of six classmates and their teacher. As students progress through the levels, they gradually develop: a rich vocabulary and basic grammatical skills, listening and responding skills, letter and word recognition, early reading and writing skills, and core pronunciation skills.

  • Entertaining and stimulating interactive activities and games
  • Exciting narrative of 6 classmates and their teacher (and a fox…)
  • Correlated to international testing standards
  • Optimized for tablets and desktop
  • Includes speaking and early writing activities
  • Can be used in a class environment or independently
  • Full reporting system




Winnie's World is designed for pre-readers aged 4-6 years old. Winnie’s World is filled with captivating activities that children immediately relate to. They can click or touch everywhere and follow instructions given by funny characters and animals. Every lesson comes with a song and variety of engaging activities that can be taken as many times as needed and will get children to start understanding and speaking English.

Winnie's World is also tablet friendly and can be used in blended learning. A full set, including student workbook, teacher’s guide, flash cards, CD, DVD, etc. is available to enhance the blended learning experience.